Behind the scenes and the making of the music video for “Desperate (On and On)”…


This shoot was quite the adventure. We traveled over four hundred miles in less than a week. On our first night at Mulholland Dr., we were approached by some ski masked characters around midnight, but the park rangers showed up in a Knick of time and kicked us all out.


On our next night along route 1 in Malibu, my car broke down after running the battery down on my Prius to charge my phone for my drone. We were abandoned along the dark, empty road until help came along to give us a jump.


On the way to El Mirage in San Bernardino, Kate’s van broke down. We had to rent a mini van and transfer our production equipment. We then drove out into the middle of nowhere in the desert where the surrounding perimeter of the dry lake bed had a dozen dirt devils. We drove out into the middle of them and shot for the day. They added a lot of production value, but it was difficult to shoot with such high winds and heat. As the sand storms rolled through, we had to duck and cover to protect the camera equipment. The high winds knocked over our mirror board. The glass shattered into our faces, but we were all wearing sun glasses, so our eyes were protected.


By night fall, as we were getting ready to leave, several unmarked trucks circled and enclosed in around us Mad Max style. I dumbly thought "how nice, the park rangers have decided to show up to escort us out." The singer, Pete caught a glimpse of one of the driver's faces. He had a black tear drop tattoo on his face and a grimacing look. He said hurry, we need to go now! He led us out of the park. The trucks chased us through the desert for several miles with their brights reflecting off of our mirrors, trying to blind and derail us off the road Silkwood style. We got out unscathed, thank God, but passed a woman broken down at the main road. Too scared to stop, she gave us all the middle finger as we drove past her.


We think they were after the rented Porsche and our production equipment.


The next night, on Hollywood Blvd., it was like we owned the streets. No one was out except for s few tik tokers and meth heads. During the fight scene, a few meth heads believed Pete and Kate’s performances so much that they offered marital advice to them (which is a moment to beholden), ignoring me standing nearby, holding a walkie and directing them for another take.


Our experiences added so much to the production value of the music video. They brought us closer together and I’m very happy with the end result. It must have been weird for Pete to return to his job in Miami after this experience. I don’t think he’ll ever forget this trip for the rest of his life.


But life continues on and on…